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Hardscratch Press is named for an early-1900s family codfishing station on Unga Island in the Shumagins, easternmost group in the Aleutian Islands. The first author we published was Ralph Soberg, who wrote about his life on the island, about his roots in Norway, about his brief career as a bootlegger and his lifelong passion, building bridges and roads for the Alaska Road Commission ...  and who was the publisher's dear stepfather. "We" refers to editor-publisher-sometimes writer Jackie Pels and designer David R. Johnson, whose work has won awards and applause since Ralph Soberg's first book in 1990.


Umnak: The People Remember

An Aleutian history compiled by Tyler M. Schlung and
students of Nikolski School, Umnak Island, Alaska

ISBN: 0-9678989-4-3. LCN: 2002117860.
164 pages, 5-1/4x8, index, bibliography, many photographs. $16.50.
Literary Merit award, 2003 Bumbershoot Bookfair.

All proceeds go to the Museum of the Aleutians.

"There are tragic chapters here, stories of betrayal and loss. The fatal wreck of the Umnak Native. The little-known saga of forced evacuation and a heartbreaking return in World War II. But there are also the clear voices of the village children, the hope of all. 'If you are going to live off the land,' two young boys write, 'working together is important.'" From the back cover.

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